Thursday, August 4, 2011

Today's Library Tour - 8/4/11

When I went to the library today, I only intended to return 2 books and pay a small fine.  Why did I come out of the library with 28 books?  Only 1 book was for me.  I dropped something off to my husband at his job and went to the library near his job. 

The kids run in and start picking up books so my quick trip turned into something longer.  It was okay.  Jasmine decided on a book she could read to her sister, Madie.  Jeremiah picked up a book to help Madie with her ABCs.  Then the twins picked books that they liked.  When we checked out, the librarian reminded me that I had a book on hold at another library near my house so I went there to just pick up 1 book.  The kids wanted to get more books and use the computers so I stayed longer again than I intended.   I should not complain.  Didn't I want the kids to like reading? 

We have not read any of the books yet, but the kids already have their favorites.  Jasmine's favorite pick is A God's Little Princess Treasury (Gigi, God's Little Princess).  She saw a Gigi DVD and was excited to find a book about her.   Jeremiah likes Little Bill and was happy to find a book about him.

I want my kids to enjoy reading so my longer than expected trip to the library was worth it.


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