Saturday, August 25, 2012

Habitat for Humanity Restore of Coatesville

Habitat for Humanity helps to build affordable housing.  Habitat homeowners participate in the building of their own home or help to build a home for someone else.  I did my part today by shopping at the ReStore in Coatesville, PA.  This store has a little of everything...cabinets, tables, lamps, sinks, bed frames, appliances, dressers, books and more.  Sales from the store help the Habitat for Humanity organization.

My husband was looking for lamps and I shopped for books.  :)   Paperback books are only 25 cents!   The price is a little more for hardback books.  Today, I bought all children's books.  If you want to help to build a library for a child, go to the Restore shop.  The price is so affordable.  I think all kids should have their own personal library. On my last trip, I bought books for me.   I found Praying for Our Marriage: 100 Devotions and Prayers for Husbands and Wives, A Mom After God's Own Heart by Elizabeth George and When A Woman Discovers Her Dream by Cindi McMenamin.  You might see some of my great finds on my free book shelf in the future.

Friday, August 24, 2012

Book Review - Submerged

I feel like I have been to Alaska after reading Submerged (Alaskan Courage) by Dani Pettrey.    It is full of suspense, romance and a very important message of forgiveness and love.

Bailey Craig has to return to her hometown of Yancey, Alaska because of the death of her aunt. It is the last place she wants to be because of a bad reputation she created when she was a teenager.   Despite a bad start in her early years, she has done well for herself.  

The second worst part of this trip other than saying goodbye to her aunt is meeting Cole McKenna again.  They were in a relationship, but Bailey was struggling with insecurity at that time and hurt Cole.   Their relationship ended, but it still haunts the both of them.

Bailey wanted to tie up loose ends in Yancey as quickly as possible and get back to her life where no one knew her reputation.    Despite Bailey’s desire to make a quick exit, she decides to stay in Yancey because there is a possibility that her aunt’s death was not an accident.  She works with Cole and the Yancey police force to solve the mystery.   Being close to Cole is exciting and terrifying at the same time.   Bailey does not want to be drawn to him because as soon as the mystery is solved she plans to resume her life elsewhere.

While the murder mystery and the intrigue of Russian Alaskan history has my attention, I am also drawn to Bailey's struggle with her past and present.  She became a Christian after leaving Yancey, but she still views herself as a person not worthy of God's blessings.  She accepts the views of other people who saw her at her worst rather than how God sees her.   Cole told her "You need to start seeing yourself through God's eyes...When God looks at you He sees His beloved child."

This story does have something valuable that is submerged or hidden that has everyone on the hunt for it.   The most important thing that is submerged is the truth that Bailey has forgotten or never really knew...God loves her!

I enjoyed this book because of the romance, suspense and the reminder that I am God's beloved child.

I received a free copy of this book from Bethany House.

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