Sunday, August 14, 2011

Marriage...The Long, Road Trip

I have been reading a lot this summer, but it has mostly been children’s books.   I am back to reading Sacred Marriage and I am still in chapter 1.  There is a lot to think about in this chapter.

Sacred Marriage suggests that marriage can become like a Midwest highway with long stretches of flat land.  The scenery does not change too often.  You’re asking “are we there yet”.  It has its moments of sameness that can lead to boredom.    After the thrill of the romance of dating and a beautiful wedding, you have the responsibilities of a home, job and children.   It may seem like you are not getting anywhere and a restlessness can take over.    

Couples make a choice during this time.  They may break up and try to create that excitement again with another partner.   They could stay in the relationship and treat their spouse like the enemy.  Or they could honor their commitment and continue on even when feelings say otherwise.   

I do not feel like doing the laundry, but it needs to be done so I can have clean clothes.  I do not feel like driving the school bus every day, but the kids have to get to school and I like getting a paycheck. J   I see where the author is trying to take me.  My feelings have their place, but they cannot rule.   I’m in my marriage for the long haul so I will read on!

What do you think?

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