Saturday, January 7, 2012

I Miss My Local Christian Bookstore

I went to Barnes & Noble tonight looking for devotionals for a preteen boy and girl.  I had an idea what I wanted and hoped that Barnes & Noble had it.  I wanted to read a few pages before deciding.   Unfortunately, they did not have what I was looking for so I will have to order it online.   This trip to B&N made me realize how much I miss Christian bookstores.  The four Christian bookstores that I used are gone.  I just found out another store that I thought had survived is gone, too. I am so upset.

I always enjoy a trip to a bookstore.  Time in a library or a bookstore became a place of refuge for me.  My dad made these places special for me.  Going to a bookstore or library was special because my dad said it was and he was with me.

Although I have visited Barnes & Noble and Borders often in my lifetime, it was the atmosphere of the Christian bookstore that was most special to me.  The music, people and the products offered created an inviting and peaceful atmosphere.  That book I was looking for would have probably been there and I would have someone to discuss the best choice for a tween.

I should not have been surprised that these stores would close.  Times are difficult for everyone and the big book retailers has swallowed up the little stores.  I saw the signs of the downfall of the Christian retail market when I went into my favorite Christian bookstore and the magazines were gone.  My all-time favorite Christian magazines Pray and Marriage Partnership were discontinued.  Those magazines have been gone for a few years now and I am still sad about it.  You can still order back issues at NavPress, but I miss receiving my magazines in the mail.

I will still order online for books.  I will still shop at Barnes & Noble.  I will continue to use my nook and Sony book reader,  but none of these things can truly replace the special quality of a Christian bookstore. :(