Thursday, June 30, 2011

Get Ready To Leap

When I was a kid, I imagined myself as a superhero.  Storm from the X-Men and Wonder Woman are a few of my favorite superheroes.  The best part about a superhero is that they seemed to be able to do the impossible.   At times, the hero seems defeated and without hope, but out of no where they do a marvelous feat and the world is saved...again. :)

Every time I read Psalm 18:29, I feel stronger. I feel like I can do the impossible with God's help.  Have you read it?  You should.  It says "For by thee I have run through a troop; and by my God have I leaped over a wall".

The wall in your life could be something out of your control like an illness.  The wall could have been built from your own bad habits or decisions.  Whether the wall is external or internal, God stands ready to help.  He is more than the wall.  He is more than the opposition you face from other people.  He is more than the doubts and fears in your mind.   He can do the impossible.

I encountered a wall when the idea to write a blog came to me.   I was told by someone a few years ago that I should blog because I had something to say.  Procrastination and my own doubts kept me from moving forward.   Do I really have anything to say that will help somebody?  I realized that God can use me for this purpose.   As I allow His words to take root and grow, I am changed.   I become smaller and He becomes bigger.  I am stronger because of Him.

My inner superhero is taking shape and so is yours.  Pick your theme music and let it play, put your hands on your hips, let your cape fly in the wind and get ready to leap...

Happily Ever After?

I finally found my book,  Sacred Marriage by Gary Thomas.  I started it awhile ago and then misplaced it.  I do not like it when I lose a book.  Anyway, I bought it because the question underneath grabbed my attention.  It asks "What if God designed marriage to make us holy more than to make us happy?"

The author plans to challenge me to use joy and struggles in marriage to draw closer to God and develop my Christian character.  That sounds like work.  I do not remember all this from the fairy tales that I watched when I was a girl.  The girl met the prince of her dreams, they married and lived happily ever after.  The fairy tale never mentions the rest of the story.

When I was single I was looking for someone to make me happy without thinking about what my responsibility is to my future spouse.   I am learning marriage is a ministry in itself where sacrifices, compromise, love and kindness must exist.  I am not perfect, but fortunately I have a wonderful, understanding husband who puts up with me.  I will check in with you later about this subject as I read Sacred Marriage.