Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Love Your Neighbor for Kids...and Me

I read Love Your Neighbor (Just Like Jesus Said Series) to my kids today.  The whole story is a rhyme about a boy who does not like his neighbor, Tim.  He broke his bike and scared his cat.  Everybody should agree that Tim is a pain except for Grandma.  She reminds him to "love your neighbor as you love yourself."

The little boy says he can love anyone else except for Tim.  The little boy's imagination runs wild.  He could live with and be neighborly to a polar bear, elephants and any other animal you could think of except Tim.   By the end of the book, his way of thinking changes and he makes a friend.

My kids gave this book a "thumbs up".  Today was rough between the twins.  Fighting between the two started early this morning. I had to remind them to love each other even when they disagree.  "Don't touch me"..."Get out of my room"...."Stop correcting me" are a few of the phrases shouted back and forth between the two.   After reading this book, things improved for about an hour and then the fight was back on.  Tomorrow I hope they are the best of friends again.

I have had a few "Tims" in my life.  I have felt that there is no way I could love that person, but reading a children's book reminds who I represent and what He expects.


  1. It is so good to reienforce good habits by reading a story that children can relate too. It not only teaches them to have a love for reading, but also gives them an example. Instead of us parents always saying stop arguing or stop because "I said so". Melissa you are setting a great example as a parent.

  2. @Thoughful1...Thank you for your comment. This time of my life is challenging, but rewarding as a parent.