Monday, July 18, 2011

Value in the Eye of the Beholder - Part 1

Everyday things or situations usually help me relate to God.   Somehow auctions gave me another perspective on what is truly valuable.
Have you ever watched Antique Roadshow or Auction Hunters?  Or even checked completed auctions on eBay?  You will see most things have value to someone somewhere.  I find auctions fascinating.  It confirms for me that someone’s junk is another one’s treasure.  On the TV show Auction Hunters, two men buy the contents of abandoned storage units.  Their goal is to find “treasure” to make a profit.  For example, an old cigar box appraised for at least $100.  What?!   I do not understand the value of certain things, but I can appreciate those who do.
In the book More 100 Best Things I've Sold on eBay - Money Making Madness - My Story Continues by Lynn Dralle, The Queen of Auctions, you will find many items that this author sold for unbelievable amounts.  She bought a carved bird in a thrift store for $2.00 and sold it for $2,051.  A coffee pot, creamer and sugar set sold for $597.51 and she only paid $8.75 for it at a thrift store.   If I was in the same thrift store and saw that bird or coffee pot, I would have overlooked them because I did not understand that somewhere in the world these things are valuable (and because neither item matches my home decor).
Even broken things are sold on eBay.  It is alright because the seller did not hide the fact that it is broken.  The seller hopes someone with the knowledge can fix it or use the parts for something else and bid on their auction.
I have a different perspective now when I go to a thrift store or yard sale.  Sometimes I have an eye out for what could be valuable to someone else.  For sentimental or practical reasons, someone is willing to buy what we consider to be junk.
In Part 2, I will explain how this everyday occurrence of auctions gave me a spiritual insight into what is valuable.
If you are interested in the book I mentioned today then send an e-mail to so I can send it to you for free.  The book it is not necessarily a "how-to book" on how to sell on eBay.  Her stories about her grandmother, how she acquired these items and her excitement about what she does is inspiring. I only have 1 copy of this book so be the first one to send me an  e-mail and it is yours.

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