Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Book Review - Arkansas Weddings

Romance, Arkansas sounds like a lovely, romantic place to meet and fall in love.    It is for three couples in Arkansas Weddings.    The road to “happily ever after” is not smooth, but the journey is worth it.  Did you know that Romance, Arkansas is a real place?   It is a town located near the center of Arkansas. 

According to Wikipedia, the Romance post office is popular for postmarks that people want for Valentine’s Day and wedding invitations.  This fact was included in the second story.

In a small town, everyone seems to know everybody and that holds true in the town of Romance. The three stories are all connected based on past and current relationships.  Those connections make the book more interesting because you are able to catch up the life of the couple from the previous story.

The first story is about Adrea, a florist and Grayson, a grieving pastor.   Adrea was betrayed by a former boyfriend.  Somehow, she still manages to make beautiful floral creations for happy couples.  Grayson has a church to take care of, but his heart is still broken over the loss of his wife.   Valentine’s Day ties Adrea and Grayson together in ways that they cannot imagine when they first meet.   Grayson has been ordering flowers for his wife every Valentine’s Day.  Adrea has been arranging the flowers, but never met Grayson because she always worked in the back of the shop.  Adrea’s brother, Mark takes a job at Grayson’s church which puts them in regular contact.

Can you really move on when you lose someone so precious to you?  Can you trust anyone when your dreams have been crushed by betrayal?  Adrea and Grayson find out that they both can heal and move forward with God’s help.

The second story is centered around a man taking caring of his nephew and a woman who was reluctant to come back to her hometown.  The relationship starts as an employer and employee. Then it gets complicated as their feelings start to grow for each other.

In the third story, you can read about a woman with a bad reputation who thinks too much has happened to change other people’s opinions about her.  Her latest renovation project has her working again with a former boyfriend.   He recently found out that he was adopted and is trying to figure out if wants to reveal his true identity to his family.

All the stories are tied together well.  God is part of each story line.  I like that you get to visit Romance, Arkansas three times through all of these romances.  

Rating: 3 stars

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