Sunday, November 9, 2014

Book Review - The Quick-Start Guide to the Whole Bible

Have you ever watched the middle of a movie and did not know what was going on?  It seems interesting, but you missed important scenes and cannot figure out why what just happened is so significant.    Someone to fill in the blanks can be helpful so you can watch the rest of the movie with an understanding.

I like having the blanks filled in when I study the Bible.  The Quick-Start Guide to the Whole Bible by Dr. William H. Marty and Dr. Boyd Seevers is a great tool for Bible study.   This book provides an overview of each book of the Bible.   You will read about the setting, a summary and the significance.    The information about the Setting helps you understand the dates, place and the condition of the people for some books (at war, at peace, etc.).    The Summary gives a general idea of what is happening either by chapter or by dividing the book into a 1st and 2nd half.  My favorite part is the wrap-up in the Significance section.  Since the Bible is written about events that happened years ago, it might be easy to miss the message for me today.   The significance section tries to help me think about why this book of the Bible is important in our time.

The significance section of the Leviticus section was a help to me.   I would normally skip Leviticus because all of the rules become a blur. Since I am reading the Bible from the beginning, I had to read Leviticus.  I read about Leviticus in The Quick Start Guide and it summed up its purpose.  Leviticus is about holiness and separation from things that are common.  We are called to be holy because God is holy.  While reading all the dos and donts of Leviticus, the message of the book got lost for me.  The Quick Start Guide to the Whole Bible reminded me that today that I am called to holiness.

You should have The Quick-Start Guide to the Whole Bible in your library just in case you need to understand the big picture of the books of the Bible.

I received this book free from Bethany House Publishers for my review.

Rating:4 stars

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