Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Book Review - Damaged: A Violated Trust

I was reminded that I am so glad my days as a teenager is over while reading Damaged: A Violated Trust by Melody Carlson.  This book has the typical high school drama that you might expect.  You have the normal divide of popular kids v.s. the not-so cool kids.   Hayley comes to a new school to live with her dad.  She is estranged from her mom because of her ultra-conservative views.  Moving with dad seemed like the best choice for more freedom.

Haley is the artistic type so becoming a part of the jock crowd was never part of her plan.  By chance she ends up sitting with the popular kids and starts to crush on Harris, the star football player.  Harris is obviously popular, dates the perfect girl and has the perfect life.  Haley has zero chance with him or so she thinks.  The king and queen of the school break up and Harris starts paying attention to Haley.

Haley starts to live her dream life when her and Harris become a couple.   Things are perfect despite the haters and the warnings about Harris.   The warnings must be coming from those that are jealous..right?!  Eventually Haley's dream becomes a nightmare when Harris does the unthinkable.

There are no surprises with this book.  It seems like a movie I saw on Lifetime.  Despite being able to predict what was going to happen I recommend sharing this book with a teenage girl.  It will help start a necessary discussion about date rape.   

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Rating: 3 stars

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