Saturday, December 14, 2013

Book Review - A Home For My Heart

A Home for My Heart by Anne Mateer describes the plight of orphans and Sadie Sillsby’s desire to see their lives filled with love.   Sadie is an assistant at the Raystown Home for Orphans.   She understands these children because she was also a resident of the Home. Throughout the story, you will see her try her best to distance herself from her background which landed her at the Home in the first place.

Sadie is in love with Blaine.  Their love was built on friendship and a mutual understanding of what it is like to come from unstable family situations.   Sadie receives a wonderful opportunity to become the matron of the Home because the current matron decides to get married.   The matron must remain single to stay in the position.  Sadie is torn between a life with Blaine and “this calling” to the children.  She accepts the position which drives a wedge between herself and Blaine.

The new job seems like a natural fit for Sadie.  She loves the children at the Home and wants their life to improve with a forever family.   The position of matron comes with more responsibility than expected - managing staff, soliciting donations and writing up expense reports.  She would rather play baseball with the kids and tuck them into bed at night.

Sadie has difficulty determining what is real or fake.  Is her newly hired assistant, Viola right for the job?   Does Earl, a representative from The Children’s Aid Society have the best interest of her and the Home at heart?  Has Blaine really moved on without her?  Mrs. Fore is the wise cook that seems to truly understand the nature of people.   Miranda is the housekeeper who is misunderstood, but is an undiscovered jewel.

Through prayer, Sadie eventually understands who and what is most important.   As she matures, she makes decisions to follow the will of the Lord.   That decision has wonderful results for herself and her community.

I liked this book.  It was a sweet story with a young main character who was passionate about her work for children, but grew to be more concerned about God’s will.

Rating: 3 stars

I received this book from Bethany House Publishers for my opinion about this book.

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