Tuesday, February 26, 2013

App Review - Kids Place Parental Control

Many families have multiple devices to access the Internet.  The Internet is a wonderful place full of information, education and fun.  It is also full of bad places that we do not want our children to experience.  If you have an Android-based tablet or smartphone, I suggest getting an app that  gives your children a safe place to play and learn.    I have the app Kids Place - Parental Control and Child Lock installed on my smartphone and nook tablet.  It is also available from the Amazon App Store for the Kindle Fire.  The app will prevent your children from downloading other apps, texting, calling and Internet searches.  Of course, if you select Google as an approved app then the Internet will be available to them.   Double check your list of approved apps to be sure you got it right before turning your device over to your son or daughter.

How does it work?

  1. Open the app and select the apps that are appropriate for your child.
  2. Always open the app before giving your smartphone or tablet to your child.  You might need to password protect your device so he does not turn on your device and bypass the Kids Place app.   
  3. Select 'No Time Lock', ' Lock in 5 minutes', 'Lock in 15 minutes', 'Lock in 30 minutes', or 'Lock in 1 hour'.   On my smartphone, I have the additional options of specifying my own time in minutes or time of day.  If you select a lock out option then the tablet will stop when time is up.  It will go to a screen to enter a password.   At this point, your son will run to you and say "Can I play longer?".   You have to enter a password to select more time or not.
  4. Enter a password when you are ready to exit Kids Place.
This app and others like it are great.  It is also free.  I can limit what my child can do and how long they can do it on my tablet or smartphone.  It is a must-have app for me.

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