Thursday, November 15, 2012

Book Review - A Mom's Guide To Making Extra Money Selling On eBay

A Mom's Guide To Making Extra Money Selling On Ebay by Natasha Rubin is a good book for anyone new to selling on eBay. Yes, you can and should read the eBay's quick start guide, but a seller's story can motivate you beyond the facts and steps of selling.   Rubin's story motivated this not-so new seller to try again. She wrote down on a board that she wanted to create multiple streams of income which reminded me of things including eBay that  I need to get done like yesterday. Her story of her first big sale made me think about things that I have sitting in the house that could help my family's income.

Her book reminded me why I started selling on eBay in the first place.  I wanted to make a little extra cash in the beginning.  I wanted to be consistent enough to turn it into a part-time business at home.  That dream has not happened yet, but I have not given up hope.

The author gives us the information we need to start selling on eBay today.   Her idea about giving your customers special attention with the packing of their items is important.  Great service will set you apart from other sellers.  You can continue to receive tips and support from her through her Facebook page and email.  

If you need money now or want to look at a long-term source of income then follow the advice given in this book.  You may be surprised at what you can accomplish through eBay.

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